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is ranked fifth globally among all websites, stating "With 18 billion page views and nearly 500 million unique visitors a month. Retrieved November 30, 2013. 165 Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has claimed that Wikipedia has largely avoided the problem of "fake news" because the Wikipedia community regularly debates the quality of sources in articles. 91 This can at times lead to the removal of information that, though valid, is not properly sourced. 48 49 The Wall Street Journal cited the array of rules applied to editing and disputes related to such content among the reasons for this trend. Farrell, Nick (April 29, 2010). Carr wrote: "Implicit in the ecstatic visions of Web.0 is the hegemony of the amateur. A b Zittrain, Jonathan (2008). 255 Internal research and operational development In accordance with growing amounts of incoming donations exceeding seven digits in 2013 as recently reported, 53 the Foundation has reached a threshold of assets which qualify its consideration under the principles of industrial. In Japanese copyright law ). "A Stand Against Wikipedia". 202 It may more specifically follow the biases of Internet culture, inclining to being young, male, English-speaking, educated, technologically aware, and wealthy enough to spare time for editing. Frequent Wikipedia critic Andrew Orlowski commented, "Even when a Wikipedia entry is 100 per cent factually correct, and those facts have been carefully chosen, it all too often reads as if it has been translated from one language. Revisions with libelous content, criminal threats, or copyright infringements may be removed completely. "Wikipedia: A quantitative analysis". "Pakistan blocks YouTube a day after shutdown of Facebook over Muhammad issue". 226 Maher has stated that one of her priorities would be the issue of editor harassment endemic to Wikipedia as identified by the Wikipedia board in December. On a later episode, he commented on the edits to the article, most of them offensive, which had been made by the audience and had prompted the article to be locked from editing. The English Wikipedia passed the mark of two million articles on September 9, 2007, making it the largest encyclopedia ever assembled, surpassing the 1408 Yongle Encyclopedia, which had held the record for almost 600 years. 146 Reception See also: Academic studies about Wikipedia and Criticism of Wikipedia This section needs to be updated. 123 Diversity Several studies have shown that most of the Wikipedia contributors are male. Studies A 2007 study by researchers from Dartmouth College found that "anonymous and infrequent contributors to Wikipedia. Retrieved January 27, 2007. Proceedings of the 2008 ACM conference on Computer supported cooperative work. "Wikipedia is not a dictionary, usage, or jargon guide." Notability. Helm, Burt (December 13, 2005). 243 Edits falsely identified by bots as the work of a banned editor can be restored by other editors. Jonathan Sidener (December 6, 2004). Retrieved February 1, 2007. Retrieved August 13, 2014. Archived from brazilian pornostjerne kira eggers bryster the original on July 8, 2012. Gray, Lila (September 17, 2013). 58 On February 9, 2014, The New York Times reported that Wikipedia has 18 billion page views and nearly 500 million unique visitors a month, "according to the ratings firm comScore." 16 On January 18, 2012, the English Wikipedia participated. Sms til 22155539, opkald besvares ikke. Dispute resolution Wikipedians often have disputes regarding content, which may result in repeatedly making opposite changes to an article, known as "edit warring". Stallman (June 20, 2007). Archived from the original on February 9, 2008. A particular problem occurs in the case of an individual who is relatively unimportant and for whom there exists a Wikipedia page against her or his wishes. 298 According to "Wikipedia Readership Survey 2011 the average age of Wikipedia readers is 36, with a rough parity between genders. Studying Cooperation and Conflict between Authors with History Flow Visualizations (PDF). Kittur, Aniket; Kraut, Robert. Retrieved September 30, 2007. The h2g2 encyclopedia is relatively light-hearted, focusing on articles which are both witty and informative. 307 Wikipedia has also been used as a source in journalism, 308 309 often without attribution, and several reporters have been dismissed for plagiarizing from Wikipedia. It reported that the proportion of the edits made from North America was 51 for the English Wikipedia, and 25 for the simple English Wikipedia. 266 267 Methods of access Because Wikipedia content is distributed under an open license, anyone can reuse or re-distribute it at no charge. Some, such as, Enciclopedia Libre, Hudong, and Baidu Baike likewise employ no formal review process, although some like Conservapedia are not as open. Archived from the original on August 22, 2014. 246 Hardware operations and support See also: Wikimedia Foundation Hardware Wikipedia receives between 25,000 and 60,000 page requests per second, depending on time of day. Retrieved July 2, 2014. Jeg tilbyder min røv til lige på uden sutten, uden kyssen og uden gummi. 258 It covers news and events from the site, as well as major events from other Wikimedia projects, such as Wikimedia Commons. Wikipedia was launched on January 15, 2001, by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. randers sex anal massage københavn

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